Canada's Top 100 Employers For 2022 Were Just Revealed & It's Time To Brush Up The Ol' Resume

If you're sick of a job situation that feels like it belongs in Horrible Bosses, you can now check out Canada's best employers for 2022 and look at working somewhere different!

The annual list was published on Friday, November 12, featuring companies of all shapes and sizes from all across the country, from breweries to banks to book publishers!

Plenty of Canada's big corporate hitters are on the list, including Loblaw's, Bell and Rogers, joined by home-grown business giant Shopify as well. It's a great list for bankers as well, since the top 100 features the Bank of Canada, RBC, CIBC and TD as well.

If you've spent the entire pandemic hoping to hop into the health care field, there are plenty of great employers to keep an eye out for as well, according to the list. Health Canada features on there, along with the Hospital For Sick Children and even Pfizer Canada!

And of course, there are several small (in comparison) but cool companies named as well. If you're a book lover, you'll be glad to see Penguin Random House named, and Photoshop users might even want to consider working for Adobe!

And while not all "top 100 Canadian beers" lists would include Labatt, the brewing company still gets the honour of being named as one of the country's best employers!

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