Canada's 'Ultra-Low Fare' Airline Swoop Has Mega Cheap Flights In BC & Alberta Right Now

Prices start at $29 one-way!

A Swoop plane on a runway.
Western Canada Editor

A Swoop plane on a runway.

Canada's "ultra-low fare" airline Swoop is at it once again with some seriously cheap flights across western Canada if you're travelling anytime soon.

The airline is known for holding flash sales on both domestic and international flights, but if you head to the flight deals section of their website, there are some really cheap flights up for grabs.

So, where can you fly to and how cheap are the flights?

Domestic flights

Flights from Victoria to Edmonton cost as low as $29 one-way and the return journey from Edmonton to Victoria costs from $49 one-way.

There are also cheap flights from Abbotsford to Edmonton, with fares starting at $39 one-way. Fares from Edmonton to Abbotsford start at $49 one-way.

If you're looking to travel between Kelowna and Edmonton, fares start at $49 one-way for that route.

Finally, if you're travelling to or from central Vancouver Island, fares on Swoop's Edmonton to Comox route start from $49 one-way.

International flights

From Abbotsford, you can fly to sunny Mexico with its flights into Mazatlan starting at $199 one-way.

But the real choice of international flights comes from Edmonton, where you can travel to either Las Vegas, San Diego, San Francisco, Nashville or Palm Springs for $99 one-way.

For slighter more money, can fly to Phoenix (Mesa) from Edmonton for $109 one-way

A recent study done by Expedia found more than half of Canadians are experiencing "vacation deprivation" and that many people who work remotely say it's difficult to unplug on a trip.

With these flight deals, and with so many more destinations to choose from, you now have a good excuse to travel.

Daniel Milligan
Western Canada Editor