It's almost time to say goodbye to winter and Canada's spring forecast has finally arrived. 

The Old Farmer's Almanac has dropped their annual spring weather forecast and it looks like some parts of Canada are going to have it better than others.* 

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Spring temperatures will be above normal from the Prairies northward. Farmer's Almanac 

The above-normal temperatures will stretch all the way up into Yukon and Northwest Territories. 

Meanwhile, the rest of the country is in for near-normal to below-normal temperatures

Though, on the flip side, Atlantic Canada might get less precipitation than normal.

Everywhere else can expect normal or above-normal precipitation amounts. 

So, it may be warm in Western Canada but that balmy weather will come with rain or, dare we say it, snow

After suffering through a polar vortex, any kind of spring weather will feel like a treat for Canadians. 

*Editor's note: this story has been updated.