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Canada's Travel Restrictions Are Changing Soon & Vaccine Mandates Will Be Scrapped

Passengers will no longer be expected to prove their vaccination status to travel.👇✈️

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Travellers in Vancouver International Airport.

Travellers in Vancouver International Airport.

The federal government has announced changes to Canada's travel restrictions, with COVID-19 vaccine mandates being dropped for both domestic and international travel.

On Tuesday, June 14, officials shared that there will be an update to the existing travel rules in Canada that require proof of vaccination for trips within and outside of the country.

As of 12:01 a.m. ET on June 20, 2022, the vaccine mandate for federally operated planes and trains that travel in Canada will be suspended.

The change will also apply to outbound international travel, meaning people boarding a plane in Canada to go to another country won't need to prove their vaccination status anymore.

However, vaccination requirements for passengers and crew of cruise ships will remain in effect, and mask rules will still be in place on planes, trains and ships.

"The government of Canada will not hesitate to make adjustments based on the latest public health advice and science to keep Canadians safe," officials said.

That could include the reintroduction of a vaccine mandate at the border in the fall if it's needed.

Vaccine mandates on federally-regulated travel services have been in effect since October 30, 2021. There was a brief period where travellers were able to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test rather than their vaccination status, but this has since ended.

The latest change to Canada's travel rules comes just days after the feds confirmed they would be dropping randomized COVID-19 testing at Canadian airports.

It's a temporary measure designed to speed up processing for travellers, although it will make travel easier for fully vaccinated people coming into the country too.

Travel restrictions are easing off on the American side of the border too.

On June 10, the CDC announced that pre-departure testing requirements would be dropped in the United States for fully vaccinated travellers entering the country, effective Sunday, June 12.

It means fully vaccinated passengers flying into the U.S. will no longer be required to take a COVID-19 test prior to travelling.

That said, international visitors entering the U.S. must still be prepared to prove their COVID-19 vaccination status as the Department of Homeland Security recently extended vaccine requirements.

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