A 'Smug' Disneyland Employee Ruined A Marriage Proposal & Reddit Users Are Blasting Disney

He snatched the ring out of his hand!

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A couple getting engaged at Disneyland Paris with the castle in the background. Right: A Disney employee walking through the proposal.

A couple getting engaged at Disneyland Paris with the castle in the background. Right: A Disney employee walking through the proposal.

Disneyland might be called the "Happiest Place on Earth," but one Disney employee made a bunch of people angry by interrupting a marriage proposal just to scold the couple about the rules.

A video of the incident was recently posted on Reddit, and the backlash has been so intense that Disney actually had to speak up and apologize for the rude move.

The video shows a man guiding his girlfriend onto a platform at Disneyland Paris, then getting down on one knee and presenting the ring to propose.

But before the couple could have their moment, a Disney employee barges in, snatches the ring out of the guy's hands and beckons them to get off the platform immediately.

The man follows and says something to the Disney employee, and the employee fires right back with a smug response.

"Yes, that's great, but over here is going to be even better," he says cheerfully, as he leads them away from the platform.

The gathered crowd can be heard booing the employee for ruining the proposal.

"POS destroyed my best friend's (sic) moment. He asked for permission beforehand," says the caption of the now-viral video, which was apparently posted by the guy's friend.

Reddit users were stunned by the scene and they absolutely tore into the Disney employee and the park in general.

"Did he really take the ring out of his hand???!" said mintjulep30.

"I feel like Disney would give him a promotion for sacrificing his humanity in service of the mouse overlord," joked another user.

Others joked about extra charges at the park.

"Their admission pass didn't include the $149 optional 'Proposal Photograph' fee," said another user.

"Look how f*cking smug this guy is," said someone else in the comments.

The incident reportedly happened at Disneyland Paris on May 21, and the park has since issued an apology for the incident.

“We regret how this was handled," Disney said in a statement to Newsweek and others. "We have apologized to the couple involved and offered to make it right.”

The man who proposed also opened up about the incident to the New York Times recently, although he asked them to keep his name out of it.

"My mind was empty," he said of that moment when the ring was taken from him.

"Disneyland stands for dreams," he added. "Our moment was destroyed."

The guy, who lives in Germany, added that his girlfriend had just answered his question when they were interrupted.

"She said yes," he said.

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