If you’re unsure which of Canada’s COVID-19 benefits you may be eligible for, the federal government has got you covered.

In a series of tweets on November 28, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau explained what kinds of benefits are on offer for Canadians right now.

While he listed several of the possible programs eligible applicants could apply for, he also acknowledged that some people may still be confused about what they’re entitled to.

For this reason, Trudeau explained, the federal government has created an online quiz to help Canadians work out which financial schemes they could be eligible for. 

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If you’re still not sure what you could be eligible for, don’t worry - we’ve created a tool to help you with that, too.

Justin Trudeau

The questionnaire includes between seven and ten questions, asked one at a time.

The respondent chooses one answer for each multiple-choice question, based on their current circumstances.

Questions include things like “Are you worried about making mortgage or rent payments?” and “Do you have student loans you owe the government?”

Based on the answers given, the website will suggest a list of possible benefits that may help the individual’s situation.

It will also provide links to more information and additional resources.

While the response doesn’t guarantee you’ll be eligible for the suggested benefit, it’s a helpful tool for Canadians unsure about what they may be entitled to.

There's even a version for businesses, too!

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