There are plenty of animals that are considered to be icons in Canada including beavers, moose and polar bears. However, anyone who lives in the Great White North knows that Canada geese are the country's true mascots, despite their notoriously bad attitude.

If you have ever had an experience with one of these instantly recognizable birds, then you know that they can go off in a second. They hiss, they honk, and worst of all, they chase you down if you get too close. These memes embody the spirit of the Canada goose, just not necessarily in a positive way.

The Real Reason For Canadian Politeness

The universe craves balance. So for every Canadian who has said sorry after someone bumped into them, there's a goose wreaking havoc in a Harvey's parking lot.

Both Have Wings, But Only One Is Actually Terrifying

Murder hornets may have been one of 2020's most horrifying surprises, but the geese were striking fear in people long before them.

A Goose Does Not Fear Your Car

If you think honking your car horn will get geese to cross the street faster, then you are sadly mistaken.

Find Another Table

You may have wanted to sit there, and it may even be your usual lunch spot. However, once the goose takes it as its own, it's you that has to find somewhere else to go.

There Is No Protecc Here

This is a very accurate representation of the usual "he protecc, he attacc' meme format. However, anyone who has had a run-in with a goose knows that all they know is to "attacc."

You Think Your Bird Is Tough?

Oh, so you've got a bald eagle? Well in the words of another Canadian icon, that don't impress me much. 

Don't Ever Get Their Order Wrong

What else would you expect a Canada goose to drink? Starbucks? They're not going to add the cream and sugar themselves.

Canada's Real Scariest Animal

Bears? Wolves? Forget them. The Canada goose is the animal you should always be watching out for.

Is There A Back Exit?

As any Canadian knows, you basically should never get within 10 feet of a goose, so if one is blocking the exit, you go out the window.

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