As frustration mounts over gym closures in Toronto, people are taking it outside.

Whether just going for a run, or even taking a class, the city's hundreds of parks, from Abbotsford to Zooview, have become our new, better-smelling gyms.

Fresh air and being able to easily socially distance are just some of the many park perks. 

Line-ups have been spotted at gyms in neighbouring cities as a result of the recent closures.

The City of Toronto is actually recommending that we go to parks for exercise.

Organized classes are taking place all over, like this one this morning in June Rowlands Park.

Many bring their own weights along, which is sort of a double workout if you think about it.

There is a park in every neighbourhood in Toronto, so "But the gyms are closed" is no longer an excuse not to work those abs.

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