Ex-Nurse Allie Rae Reveals What People Get Wrong About OnlyFans & Why It's Better Than Pornhub

"It's called 'OnlyFans' for a reason."

Allie Rae posing. Right: Allie Rae on a balcony.

Allie Rae posing. Right: Allie Rae on a balcony.

When it comes to working in the adult entertainment industry, there are a few things that people get wrong about creators and OnlyFans star Allie Rae is here to clear them up.

The former ICU nurse recently sat down with Narcity Canada to explain some of the misconceptions about her job and how she makes her content so engaging.

Rae explained that one of the things that some people don't understand is why others would pay for her content when there is readily accessible adult content on the internet that's free.

"I think people that aren't on OnlyFans don't understand that it's very different than that," she said. "You're not just there purchasing sexual content. You're also getting a behind-the-scenes of someone's life."

In addition to adult content, Rae notes that it's a more personalized experience than watching free content online.

"You also have access to chat with that performer," she said. "You have the ability to make requests, you can be engaged."

"It's kind of like you get to know that person, whereas, on something like Pornhub, you just watch the video, you'll never talk with that creator," she explained. "You never know anything more about them."

As well as adult content, Rae says that on her OnlyFans account she posts things about her life, like going to dinner or asking her fans if they think her outfit is cute.

She also notes that people's "big misconception" is that creators are only posting explicit content.

"It's called 'OnlyFans' for a reason," she said. "It's a fan community where you can post content that you would not be able to post on other social platforms."

Having this type of varied content is what Rae attributes to her success in being one of the top creators on the platform and how she brings in over $1 million a year.

"I think if you don't have something else to offer on OnlyFans like your personality, more behind the scenes or vlogs of your lifestyle — I think those creators will fall off very quick, especially if times get tough during a recession or something," she explained.

She says that's why sites that have more of a holistic way into someone's life are going to be the ones that make it.

"Because you may have a fan who's subscribed to six different girls, and maybe he or she may need to budget and cut three out, and the ones that offer the most value, I think, are the ones that will be left standing," she said.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

Sarah Rohoman
Sarah Rohoman is an Editor for Narcity Media focused on Canadian celebrities and is based in Toronto, Ontario.