Ex-Nurse & OnlyFans Star Allie Rae Said Florida Is The Best Place To Create Content

She makes millions in Tampa. 💰

Allie Rae with her hand in her hair. Right: Allie Rae poolside with a bathing suit on.
Florida Associate Editor

Allie Rae with her hand in her hair. Right: Allie Rae poolside with a bathing suit on.

Allie Rae is an ex-nurse from Boston, but many people know her as one of the top OnlyFans stars in Tampa, FL.

She's a self-proclaimed "Floridian for life", and it has something to do with the sunny skies and gorgeous weather: It's the best place for content, she mentioned during an interview with Narcity's Sarah Rohoman.

The former nurse moved to the Sunshine State "to get the heck out of Boston" after leaving her nursing job for her side gig that very soon was to become her main job focus.

After wanting a fresh start, she said Florida's West Coast was her dream city. Miami and Fort Lauderdale were too big and she's never explored Tampa, yet. Also, she had family in the city, which triggered her move there.

"Florida's absolutely beautiful, I can create content here year-round outside, get lots of pictures," Rae told Narcity.

Rae said she's huge into the craft beer scene and Tampa has tons of breweries, which is giving her another opportunity to create different types of content.

Before she was an OnlyFans creator, she used to review the beverage on her social media, and, now she's going back to her influencer roots.

"I'm finally gonna get to do something about that. I'm starting my show Tap That with Allie Rae which really excites me because it's like full circle right you know," she added.

While she's securing that bag, she has fully transitioned to the hot heat and it's sizzling up her content. On Instagram, you can see her poolside posing for work or even spending some time on Clearwater Beach.

Jenna Kelley
Florida Associate Editor
Jenna Kelley was an Associate Editor for Narcity’s USA Desk focused on trends and celebrities in Florida and is based in Miami-Fort Lauderdale in Florida.