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You Can Take A Mini Vacation At This Tropical-Themed Patio Near Toronto

You can even get champagne pancakes!

It turns out you don't actually need to hop on a plane for a little tropical getaway. This restaurant near Toronto will bring all your vacation dreams to life without the pricey airline ticket.  If you've been craving brunch, friend dates, and exotic scenery, then this spot is calling your name. No need to pack your bags for a vacation at Hamilton's Motel patio.

Over the past few months, brunch outings and tropical getaways were put on standby. 

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Hamilton’s New Retro Cafe Turns Into A Cocktail Bar At Night & The Menu's Amazing

From mochas to mimosas!

Retro cafe by day, sleek cocktail bar by night, Hamilton's newest CaféBar has it all. This simply adorable spot is perfect for everything from Sunday brunch with the bestie to first-date drinks. A true foodie paradise, 1101 CaféBar officially opened its doors at the end of 2019 and if you haven’t been there yet, it’s totally worth checking out. 

Once inside, you’ll feel like you’ve been blasted back to the ‘70s with the orange retro chairs and an impressive record collection that decorates the space. 

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This Cookie Dough Shop In Hamilton Has Ontario's Most Instagrammable Treats

Doughn't you wanna check it out?

There are many small pleasures in life, one of the greatest ones being raw cookie dough. Let's admit it, we're all guilty of eating a spoonful (or bowlful) of the stuff, despite the warnings that it could make us sick. Lucky for us, there's a brand new shop that serves completely safe, edible cookie dough in the most outrageous ways. For Real Dough in Hamilton, Ontario has the cutest decor and most delicious desserts imaginable. 

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