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I Compared Wingstop Vs. Buffalo Wild Wings & Settled The Ultimate Gameday Food Debate

Which place is your favorite? 🍗

Brittany Cristiano holding a chicken wing. Right: An exterior of a Buffalo Wild Wings.

Brittany Cristiano holding a chicken wing. Right: An exterior of a Buffalo Wild Wings.

Brittany Cristiano | Narcity, David Tran | Dreamstime
Texas Staff Writer

This Opinion article is part of a Narcity Media series. The views expressed are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Narcity Media.

Gameday parties for any sport always have the yummiest foods, like pizza or chips and queso, to name a few of the delicious snacks that fill our tables.

I've grown up in a pretty sports-oriented family, and we've had our fair share of Super Bowl parties and World Series celebrations, and every time there is one food item we end up ordering: Chicken wings.

Across the United States, our most popular chains that specialize in these saucy fried chicken bites happen to be Wingstop and Buffalo Wild Wings.

Which of the two is "the best" is a common debate among some of my family members, but I’ve always had a hard time deciding.

So, it's time to settle it once and for all in a good ol' fashion showdown between B-Dubs and Wingstop.

The Criteria

This is a bone-in battle, so the wings I ordered were a mix of flats and drumsticks served with no sides or extras.

To be completely balanced, I ordered the crowd's favorite flavor of tailgate parties — mild buffalo sauce — from each restaurant.

I then tasted the wings to pick a winner based on the flavors of the sauce, the consistency of the wing, and the overall package.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Wings from Buffalo Wild Wings.

Wings from Buffalo Wild Wings.

Brittany Cristiano | Narcity

I feel B-Dub's sauce has a pretty tangy bite to it, and these wings had quite an overpowering taste of garlic that gives it an extra zing of spice on the tongue. I enjoyed it, but there were some points where it actually was verging on "hot."

Half of the wings had a crunchy breading that I always prefer, and the other half became quite soggy from the sauce and grease, which made me stop eating one in the middle of a bite because it just fell apart.

They also gave an adequate ratio of flats to drums in the order because it's always good to have a mix of the two.

I will also give them props for having a tasty sauce, but I think it was much too spicy for what it was labeled as.


Wings from Wingstop.

Wings from Wingstop.

Brittany Cristiano | Narcity

I swear I've never had such a good batch of wings from Wingstop as I did with this one. Every one of the wings I tasted had a crunchy breading, and just the right amount of buffalo sauce seeped into it perfectly.

The sauce was just the perfect amount of heat and zest and even had a hint of tanginess that had me coming back for more.

All in all, Wingstop serves up good quality buffalo wings.

I only have a bone to pick with Wingstop (no pun intended). Why did I only receive one drumstick and five flats?

And the winner is...

Wingstop won this saucy, crunchy battle by a landslide.

The restaurant chain simply delivered the complete package that I would be more than happy to serve at my next watch party.

I know my guests' mouths won't burn with garlic, and they most definitely won't go hungry because this article is now proof Wingstop's wings are just delicious!

I hope you are able to take all of this wing wisdom and implement it next time you need to choose what restaurant you want to eat at.

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