I Tried Tim Hortons New Lunch Wrap & It Blew Away All My Rock-Bottom Expectations (PHOTOS)

I was pleasantly surprised!

The two wraps laid out on a plate. Right: Tristan holding both wraps.

The two wraps laid out on a plate. Right: Tristan holding both wraps.

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The new Tim Hortons Loaded Wrap might be one of the better savoury items on the Tim Hortons menu in Canada, despite my absolutely rock-bottom expectations.

The newly-launched wraps come in two varieties — spicy habanero and cilantro lime. They're "loaded" with veggies like lettuce and tomato, black beans, grilled or crispy chicken and then your choice of sauce.

They cost about $7.49 each and are also available in a vegetarian version.

As someone who's usually a skeptic when it comes to fast-food items, I don't think I've ever enjoyed a "wrap" like this in my entire life.

And, I was not expecting that to change today.

One of the Loaded Wraps.One of the Loaded Wraps.Tristan Wheeler | Narcity

My fears were not eased when I got to my local Tim Hortons and found out that they were out of rice to go into the wrap, which I then had to wait about four minutes for.

Compounding with that, when I got my wraps home, they looked hastily put together – likely a product of the incredibly hectic and busy morning the Tim's was having.

So, my expectations were below the floor. It seemed like it would be a gimmicky thing done badly.

But, after a bite of both the habanero and the cilantro lime loaded wraps (I got both), I honestly was blown away by them.

The flavours were subtle and not too heavy. The spicy habanero was just spicy enough to make it interesting and the cilantro lime felt light, but fulfilling.

Both wraps half eaten.Both wraps half eaten.Tristan Wheeler | Narcity

Unfortunately my location didn't have any grilled chicken when I ordered, so I had to opt for the crispy which I thought went really well with both.

A common complaint I personally have for Tim Hortons food is that it's always swimming in sauce. So, I was really glad to find that these had just the right amount.

A wrap up against a wall.A wrap up against a wall.Tristan Wheeler | Narcity

It didn't feel like hot sauce was going to squirt out the other end when I took a bite like other things like this I've had!

Both items seemed to have enough veggies and rice for it to feel like a healthier decision for lunch, while also being a tasty bite.

Of the two, I would probably recommend the cilantro lime over the habanero, but not by much.

I'm really honestly surprised by how much I like these. You know what to do, people!

Tristan Wheeler
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