Jagmeet Singh Calls Out Justin Trudeau & Says It Feels Like There's A 'War Against Workers'

The NDP leader didn't have kind things to say about Pierre Poilievre either.

Jagmeet Singh speaking at Parliament Hill. Right: Justin Trudeau sitting at a table with other Liberal MPs.
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Jagmeet Singh speaking at Parliament Hill. Right: Justin Trudeau sitting at a table with other Liberal MPs.

Jagmeet Singh has called out Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and he even said that it feels like there is a "war against workers" right now in Canada.

The NDP leader spoke at a meeting with MPs from his party on January 18, giving a speech about what people across the country are going through and also getting a few jabs in at Trudeau and Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre.

"Right now, Canadians are faced with some difficult times," Singh said. "The cost of living is going up, your groceries are expensive and more and more every month, rent is sky high, mortgage rates are hiked again and again, and the price of a home is out of reach for so many families."

He also noted that people have been waiting for hours in the emergency room to get care and parents aren't able to find cold medicine for their children.

"Right now, it feels like this war against workers," Singh said.

"The Liberals are using the Bank of Canada to blame people's wages for inflation," he continued. "Wages aren't even keeping up with inflation. People are doing everything right but still falling behind."

The NDP leader claimed that Trudeau won't stop big corporations from exploiting workers.

He also mentioned that the help Canadians have gotten recently — dental care and increased GST rebates — is because the NDP forced Trudeau's government to do it after Liberals and Conservatives fought against it.

Singh didn't just have words about Trudeau, he also went against the Conservative leader.

"It should probably go without saying but, of course, Pierre Poilievre is not the answer," he said.

That caused some of the NDP MPs who were at the retreat to laugh and Singh smiled at the reaction to his remark.

On the other side of that, the NDP leader recently called out Conservative MPs for laughing at him when he talked about becoming Canada's prime minister.

In December, Singh threatened to pull out of the Liberal-NDP deal that will keep Trudeau in power until 2025 if there is no action on healthcare but there have been no updates on whether that will actually happen or not.

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