Justin Bieber Had The Best Reaction When Another Celeb Dressed Up As Him For Halloween (VIDEO)

She was not expecting the real Bieber to be at the same party! šŸ˜¬

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Justin Bieber Had The Best Reaction When Another Celeb Dressed Up As Him For Halloween (VIDEO)

Most of the fun of Halloween is dressing up, but what happens if you go to a party and someone is dressed up as ... you?

Justin Bieber found himself in that exact situation when Love Island U.S. host Arielle Vandenberg channelled her inner Biebs by dressing up as the singer in his look from the "Holy" music video.

"Is this a joke? Am I some sort of joke to you?" Bieber asked Vandenberg in the post shared on Sunday, October 31.

Vandenberg clutched her chest in shock at seeing her costume inspo IRL, while it appears her fiancƩe Matt Cutshall was bent over at the waist laughing at the whole situation.

Bieber (dressed as a bear) and Vandenberg shared a hug, which made for a bit of a meta moment while Bieber's hit "Holy" played in the background.

Vandenberg summed up the encounter on her Instagram post with this simple caption: "I just pooped my pants."

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