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Lisa LaFlamme Has Spoken Out About Getting Fired From CTV & Said She 'Cried Every Day'

She had to cut off conversations because she got so upset.

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Lisa LaFlame in London. Right: Lisa LaFlamme covering the queen's funeral.

Lisa LaFlame in London. Right: Lisa LaFlamme covering the queen's funeral.

Lisa LaFlamme recently spoke out about her experience being fired as CTV News' chief anchor.

In an interview with the Toronto Star, LaFlamme talked about the emotional strain the whole situation put on her in the days immediately following her firing.

"I've cried every day," she said on losing her job, adding that she holed up at a cottage for two months afterward.

She also went into detail about being asked by Rogers Sports and Media to cover the queen's funeral in London for CityNews.

During that time, she was approached by journalists and other well-wishers who wanted to express their support. But, LaFlamme said she found the situation difficult to talk about.

"I have to cut off the conversation because I get so upset," said the former CTV anchor in her interview with the Star.

However, the support from fans has not gone unnoticed. "The kindness of people has been overwhelming, comforting and 100 percent surreal," she added.

After this gig, LaFlamme doesn't know what her next move will be.

"When a big story breaks, that’s all you can see," she told the Star. "I honestly can’t see beyond that right now."

LaFlamme's replacement, Omar Sachedina, commented on her departure, expressing that he wished she could've had one last broadcast as anchor.

In August, Lisa LaFlamme took to social media to announce that she had been let go from her position at the news broadcaster.

From there, it became a national conversation, with people coming out in support of the ousted anchor.

Some even called out the perceived sexism and ageism following the rumour that the decision was connected to her keeping her hair its natural grey colour.

Some companies even launched campaigns in support of "going grey," including Wendy's Canada and Dove.

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