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Melania Trump Hasn’t Posted Anything On Social Media Since Her Husband Got Banned

Now that her husband has been indefinitely banned from multiple social media sites, Melania Trump is also keeping quiet online.

The first lady of the United States hasn’t shared anything on her own platforms since January 1, when she tweeted to wish everybody a new year filled with “blessings of joy, good health & peace.”

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A day earlier, Mrs. Trump reflected on 2020 and took a moment to “remember the loved ones lost & give thanks to our leaders, frontline workers & others who have come together to fight the global pandemic.”

Her Twitter account has had no public activity since.

Prior to the Capitol building riots and her husband subsequently getting banned from numerous social media sites, the first lady was posting plenty of festive content.

Around the Christmas period, she shared regular images of the White House holiday decorations, as well as several pictures and videos alongside Donald Trump.

Following a ban from sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more, the incumbent president has been quiet online, too.

While he’s spoken of a “big announcement” and suggested he’ll set up his own social network, Trump hasn’t said much other than promising he won't attend Joe Biden's inauguration and committing to an “orderly” transition of power on January 20.

Gurkiran Kaur Sidhu and Jagmeet Singh are prominently in the public eye and for better or worse, being public figures sometimes comes with online and real-life hate.

Sidhu is a fashion designer with an Instagram following of 139K and her husband is the NDP leader, known prominently on TikTok for his political videos with over 800K followers on the platform.

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Canada's COVID-19 Benefits Are Still Available & Some Can Be Claimed For Up To 38 Weeks

Recovery benefits and EI regular benefits were recently extended.👇💰

As the third wave of the pandemic continues, Canada’s COVID-19 benefits are still available to those who need them. 

In a tweet on Monday, April 19, Employment and Social Development Canada reminded everybody that some benefits have recently been extended so that Canadians can get paid for even longer.

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The CRA Is Reminding 'Influencers' To Pay Tax If They Made Money Via Social Media

This includes TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch and more! 💰

If you’re making money online, you’ll need to pay tax on it! That’s the message coming from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), as it reminds Canadian social media influencers that the tax deadline is fast approaching.

In a new notice, the agency explained, “When posting is a source of income, [the CRA] considers it a business activity.”

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Toronto Just Lowered Its Age Requirement For Booking A Vaccine Appointment Again

Mayor John Tory is encouraging residents to get vaccinated over the Easter weekend.

On Thursday afternoon, the City of Toronto announced it is once again lowering the age limits for Toronto vaccine eligibility.

Speaking at a press conference, Mayor John Tory said people aged 60 or older can book an appointment at Toronto vaccine sites starting on Friday, April 2, at 8:00 a.m.

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