Finally, some good news from Mother Nature! Fall weather in Calgary usually means snowfall earlier than most of us would like. Luckily, the long-range forecast is showing the city as snow-free until November. But let's be real, it's Calgary and we know the forecast can change in a hot second.

But if we're being idealists, Accuweather's long-range forecast makes us hopeful. It doesn't show snowflakes until the first week of November.

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10 centimetres

Is usually how much snow Calgary gets in October

For the past four years, it's been a snowy and cold start to October, according to Environment Canada's weather history.

But it looks like we'll kick off the month with warm weather so that's a bonus we all deserve.

So we can keep the winter boots and big parkas packed away for now. And it should give us more time to enjoy all the amazing fall hikes across Alberta.

Calgary usually gets the first snowfall of the season in September or October, according to our national weather agency.

ECCC climate website also shows that snow usually flies for about 4 days in October and Calgary generally has about 10 centimetres of snowfall by month's end.

Our fingers and toes are crossed because a snow-free October sounds glorious.

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