If you look up, you might notice something a little different this week. Ontario skies are being filled with California wildfires smoke and it could linger as late in the week as Thursday. The smoky air quality drifting into Canada is the by-product of over 1 million acres of land being scorched in the western U.S. state.

According to The Weather Network, two of the fires landmarked the largest in California’s history. The resulting smoke began to billow into Canada on Monday morning.

However, it initially only impacted southern Alberta and Saskatchewan, who experienced poor air quality as a result.

It wasn’t until Monday night that smoke began to filter into southern Ontario. The risk of deteriorating air is expected to affect some areas of the province until mid-week.

TWN reports that a cloud of smoke is scheduled to become “anchored over a ridge of a high pressure” by Tuesday afternoon, which will cause it to linger in some areas.

According to the Los Angeles Times, emergency crews are fighting 625 fires in California as of Tuesday.


It is being reported that 1.4 million acres have been lost this year alone, with firefighters responding to a whipping 7,002 fires.

However, the smoke moving into the province won't only cause some bad air quality.

According to TWN, these hazy skies can also result in beautiful sunsets. 

"It is spreading all across the continent of North America. We, in Canada, are at risk for a significant haze,” said Weather Network meteorologist Tyler Hamilton.


Ontario has also experienced numerous heatwaves this year.

The extreme heat and humidity have resulted in multiple tornadoes ripping through the province.

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