It’s going to be difficult to cool off in the Sunshine State this weekend, with Central Florida’s weather forecast showing heat indexes staying steadily in the triple digits and heavy rain showers potentially canceling any weekend plans at the beach.

FOX meteorologist Jayme King reported a sweltering “feels like” temp for Friday morning, with most of Central Florida under a heat index of 100 to 104 degrees.

Heat index values as high as 102 [...] Chance of precipitation is 60%.

National Weather Service

We can expect showers to start rolling in around 2 p.m. Friday afternoon, with the same pattern of 90-degree weather, triple-digit "feels like" temps, and showers forecasted through the weekend.

FOX 35 reports that the increased amount of moisture contributes to raising the chances of rainstorms for the weekend, with a 60% chance of precipitation currently set for Saturday and Sunday.

Time to cozy up inside and make some contingency plans for that weekend beach day!

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