There are many astrological events that happen throughout the year, but this full moon in October might just take the cake.  

The Harvest Moon will be making its appearance this week in Georgia and you can expect to see an orange-hued moon that looks just like a pumpkin. 

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The October Full Moon was called Hunters Moon, Blood Moon, and Sanguine Moon by different Native tribes.

The Harvest Moon usually comes around every September, but every three years it appears in October — which is perfect for kicking off the Halloween season.

October 1 is when this moon will be present in Georgia skies and you'll be able to see all it's orangey glory when the sun goes down. 

The peak of this full moon will be around 5:05 p.m for those living in Atlanta.

Back thousands of years ago, the seasons were tracked by following the lunar month, with the Harvest Moon being in September and October. 

Seasons now are tracked by the solar year, in rounds of 12 months, but admiring these lunar occurrences still make for a fun astronomical tradition.

Even though fall has technically already begun, once you see this moon on Friday, you'll really know the spooky season is officially here.

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