Canada's First Pinsaria Is In Ottawa & It Tastes Like A Trip To Italy (VIDEO)

Ingredients are sourced straight from Italy!

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Canada's First Pinsaria Is In Ottawa & It Tastes Like A Trip To Italy (VIDEO)

If you're looking for authentic style Italian food in the Ottawa area, look no further than Joe's Italian Kitchen.

They create light and fluffy pizzas called Pinsa Romana using fresh ingredients and a special flour imported from Italy, making them the first certified Pinsaria in all of Canada.

This specialty pizza is quite the treat, crispy but soft, oval-shaped and made with a special blend of imported flour, Italian tomatoes and locally sourced ingredients. You'll be drooling at the sight of it!

It is also easily digestible thanks to the way it's made, with highly hydrated dough and no added sugar.

You can choose a simple classic such as the Margherita Joe; tomato sauce, Fior Di Latte cheese and basil, or their take on a Hawaiian, the Aloha Joe. There are over ten options to choose from, offering a variety of fresh veggies and meat, with the dough and sauce of course.

You can get this yummy meal at different locations across the city. Their first restaurant opened in the small town of Almonte, in a historic mill overlooking waterfalls. If you're hoping for romantic ambiance and river views along with your Italian food, you have to visit.

They have since opened a location in Ottawa's Hintonburg neighbourhood, and have partnered with Kin Vineyards in Carp, serving the Pinsa and other dishes amongst winery vines.

If you prefer the convenience of making your own at home, you can buy frozen Pinsas at Mitchell's Independent in Carleton Place. You can also find the crusts without toppings at various Farm Boy locations.

Unique, delicious and only available in the Ottawa region, if you haven't tried this creative pizza style yet you need to add it to your to-eat list.

Joe's Italian Kitchen

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Italian

Address: 7 Mill St., Almonte & 1323 Wellington St. W., Ottawa & 2225 Craig's Side Rd., Carp, ON

Why You Need To Go: A fresh and fluffy pizza variation that you can get at multiple locations around Ottawa, but nowhere else in Canada.


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