You Can Get Breakfast On A Stick In Ottawa & It Will Make Your Waffle Dreams Come True

They're stuffed with cheesecake & covered in Lucky Charms.

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You Can Get Breakfast On A Stick In Ottawa & It Will Make Your Waffle Dreams Come True

If you're a fan of waffles or trying new decadent treats, you can now get waffle pops coated in tasty toppings in Ottawa.

WaffliePops makes a number of sugary waffle treats, covered in sweets like Lucky Charms cereal, Oreo crumble or marshmallows and others stuffed with cheesecake.

Bring back the joy of breakfasts as a kid, except now you can eat whatever you want, even if that means waffles coated in layers of chocolate and candy.

The main attraction is the waffle pops, which cost $15 for four or $30 for 12 of them. You will choose which coating you want the waffles covered in; milk chocolate, Nutella, white chocolate or cookies n' cream. You then select different toppings such as Reeses, Kit Kat, peanut butter, almonds, or sprinkles. There is a new Fruity Pebbles option to increase your breakfast nostalgia.

Newer treats that have been added to the menu are cheesecake stuffed waffle cones and cheesecake stuffed strawberries. You can choose between Oreo, Lotus Biscoff or strawberry shortcake cheesecake.

The stuffed waffle cones are $10 each and the stuffed strawberries are $15. You can also ask about a customized gift box of treats, which starts at $25.

All orders for pick up and delivery are done through Instagram messages, and payment is taken by e-transfer. They are available every day of the week. The owner told Narcity they hope to one day open up a food truck, so you can be one of the first to try out these unique breakfast desserts before everyone else.


Price: $10+

Cuisine: Waffle Pops

Address: Ottawa pick up or delivery

Why You Need To Go: It's the fun breakfast you would have dreamt of as a kid. The waffles on a stick covered in cereal or chocolatey toppings, cheesecake stuffed waffle cones and customized gift boxes all look drool-worthy.


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