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Ottawa Police 'Have A Plan' To Remove The Freedom Convoy But Are Waiting For Reinforcements

Police are deploying all available resources to "put an end to the unlawful demonstration."

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Ottawa Police 'Have A Plan' To Remove The Freedom Convoy But Are Waiting For Reinforcements

As Freedom Convoy protests continue in the nation's capital, Ottawa Police have said that they have a plan to end the demonstration but are waiting for reinforcements.

In a statement shared before noon on February 12, the Ottawa Police Service revealed that they are continuing to deploy all available resources in order to "put an end to the unlawful demonstration" in the city's downtown core, respond to calls for service and improve neighbourhood safety.

Police said demonstrators showed aggressive behaviour towards law enforcement overnight, including refusing to follow directions, overwhelming officers and subverting enforcement efforts.

"All available officers were deployed last night," the police service said. "We have a plan to end this unlawful occupation and await the necessary reinforcements to do so."

They also tweeted that they're monitoring events across the province and will adjust plans locally.

The law enforcement service noted in the statement that it is working with policing partners and all levels of government to secure the additional resources they need to put an end to the occupation of Ottawa's downtown core.

In a press conference on Friday, Justin Trudeau was asked about using the military to end the blockades and said the focus right now is on police enforcing the law.

"Using military forces against civilian populations in Canada or in any other democracy is something to avoid having to do at all costs," he said.

As of 10:30 a.m. ET, Ottawa Police report that there have been 26 arrests in relation to criminal charges and more than 2,600 tickets issued.

There are also 140 active criminal offence investigations in relation to the demonstration.

"All available Ottawa Police Service officers remain on active duty," police said.

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