This New Ghost Tour Near Ottawa Goes To The Town Of Canada's 'First-Ever' Poltergeist Case

Spooky tales and real hauntings.🏚💀

Spooky tour storyteller holding a lantern. Right: Haunted hotel Pine Lodge in Quebec.
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Spooky tour storyteller holding a lantern. Right: Haunted hotel Pine Lodge in Quebec.

This new Halloween tour near Ottawa is filled with haunting tales, and you might just see a ghost. It's the type of adventure you'd expect along the dark streets of Edinburgh filled with paranormal history.

The Pontiac Haunted Tour by Aventure Outaouais takes you to four historically haunted locations in the small town of Bristol, Quebec.

You can learn about the first registered poltergeist in Canada and other terrifying stories on Tuesdays starting September 27.

Haunted boat on the Ottawa River. Haunted boat on the Ottawa River. Aventure Outaouais

“The Pontiac is super haunted. These aren't fake ghost stories, these are legitimate hauntings. The Pontiac actually has the first ever registered poltergeist case in Canada. It's called the Dagg Haunting,” the owner and tour guide Brandon Bolduc tells Narcity. This story will be told at one of the four stops.

The Pine Lodge is the first stop during the eerie evening and, during a trial run of the tour, Bolduc experienced some creepy happenings first-hand. "We walked in there and the door closed by itself," he says, "I don't get spooked easily, but I actually get spooked when I go to the Pine Lodge."

Another stop is to Haughton Bay where you will hop aboard a riverboat to hear haunted tales that happened near and on the Ottawa River, including the one of the lost lumberman's bride.

You will also visit a haunted barn at Starborn Farms that is surrounded by a hidden graveyard. “Graveyards are everywhere in the Pontiac [region]. A lot of the graveyards were moved, but they didn't move the actual bodies, just the tombstones. So, people have graveyards in their backyard and don't know about it,” Bolduc explains.

You can count on some tasty treats along the way as well and the final stop at Coronation Hall Cider Mill (which is also said to be haunted) includes a slice of homemade pie and warm apple cider. There are also snacks on the bus that you can enjoy anytime.

The tour is the company's latest experience in addition to beer and hiking tours, and it only runs during the Halloween season. As with the other tours, you can select your pick-up spot from various locations around downtown Ottawa and Gatineau.

Pontiac Haunted Tour

Price: $85+

When: Tuesdays starting September 27, 2022

Address: Various downtown Ottawa and Gatineau pickup locations.

Why You Need To Go: You can discover truly haunted sites and hear spooky ghost stories that are sure to get you in the Halloween spirit.


Before you get going, check out our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

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