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This New Italian Restaurant In Ottawa Has Sparkly Glitter Champagne & Rainbow Cocktails

They come in a rainbow of colours.🌈✨

Pink cocktail with cotton candy. Right: Sparkling glitter prosecco at Angelina.

Pink cocktail with cotton candy. Right: Sparkling glitter prosecco at Angelina.

Staff Writer

A new Italian restaurant opened in the heart Ottawa's community of Manotick, and they're serving up much more than pasta. While they have a full menu of Italian classics, the truly unique thing they offer is colourful cocktails that glimmer and sparkle.

Angelina's edible glitter prosecco is already a hit and comes in a number of different colour options. Drink colours range from a classic champagne colour to bright pink and yellow, glittering all the while.

The glitter prosecco and champagne can be served with some fun garnish, to really make a spectacle of your drink. Cocktails can be topped with anything from fruit to cotton candy.

Of course, they have a number of other cocktails, perhaps less sparkly but no less colourful. You'll find Aperol spritz and bellinis on the menu, as well as more creative choices like the Pistachio Alexander or the Principessa; An orange cocktail topped with dragon fruit and cotton candy, you can't miss it.

If you're not sure what you're tasting, you can order a flight of cocktails that are simply a smaller version of your drinks of choice. The elegant atmosphere of this restaurant completes the appeal, and they plan to open up their patio at the end of April. Live music events are in the works, so make sure you have a designated driver for these fabulous nights to come.


Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Italian

Address: 5530 Manotick Main St. Unit 2&4, Manotick, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can try a new Italian restaurant in the quaint Ottawa town of Manotick, and get some fun colourful drinks while you're at it. Champagne and prosecco that literally sparkles? What a fun way to celebrate.


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