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Parts Of Ontario Are Getting Absolutely Hammered With Rain & It's Not Over Yet (PHOTOS)

With a slew of Ontario storms hitting the province this week, some areas are already getting quite the dumping of rain.

As of Wednesday evening, Environment Canada had issued a total of 30 rainfall warnings across the province.

The Weather Network (TWN) has forecasted that some areas may be on the hook for over 100 millimetres of rainfall over the next few days, increasing the risk for flash and localized flooding in certain spots.

Here's a look at some of the wet weather Ontarians have been experiencing so far.

Over towards Sarnia, some strong wind gusts earlier in the day appeared to signal the storm approaching.

Some were clearly not holding off on expressing their disappointment with the weather as the rain rolled in.

The rainfall totals across much of southwestern Ontario have quickly grown since Tuesday evening.

If you are planning to head out on the roads over the next few days, Environment Canada warns that "if visibility is reduced while driving, turn on your lights and maintain a safe following distance. Localized flooding in low-lying areas is possible."

A part of Grand Bend is already feeling the impacts of all the rain that's fallen in the past 24 hours.

But don't start feeling too blue just yet — some people are proving you really can make the best of a rainy day.

And to end on a positive note, according to TWN, showers are expected to linger until Thursday night into the early-morning hours on Friday, with a dryer day ahead.

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