Ryan Reynolds Is Narrating A New Nature Series & Blake Lively Interrupted His Promo (VIDEO)

He also joked about there being a Canadian badger that only eats Saskatoon berry pie. 🍁

​Ryan Reynolds with frogs on his head. Right: Blake Lively in overalls in front of a field.
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Ryan Reynolds with frogs on his head. Right: Blake Lively in overalls in front of a field.

Ryan Reynolds will be narrating a new nature series and, of course, Blake Lively got involved with the promo for it by interrupting her husband.

On January 13, 2023, it was announced that National Geographic's Underdogs has been given the green light and it's an "unconventional" series telling the stories of the natural world's underdogs.

To celebrate the series getting picked up, a cheeky — literally — teaser video narrated by Reynolds was shared on social media and it's a clip of a hippo in water, swinging its tail back and forth.

"Whatever you do, try not to think about a fish swimming up a hippo's butt," Reynolds said in the video. "You're doing it, aren't you?"

Then, a graphic showing that Underdogs will be coming out in 2025 popped up, which the Canadian was not too pleased about.

"2025? You know they built the Empire State Building in a year?" Reynolds said.

"And Disneyland," Lively cut in, which he repeated right after.

But then he got a little territorial and said, "This is my voiceover Blake, back off."

This sassy interaction is pretty much par for the course with them since they seemingly love to troll each other.

In the caption of the Instagram video, Reynolds shared that "there's a species of Canadian badger that subsists solely on Saskatoon berry pie."

Then, he immediately walked back his claim and said it isn't true.

"But if it were, we'd document them in Underdogs," he continued.

The series is co-produced by Wildstar Films and Reynolds' Maximum Effort, with the Canadian executive producing it as well.

Reynolds will also narrate all of the 10 episodes in the series.

Underdogs is set to showcase the hidden talents, hygiene, courtship rituals, camouflage, parenting skills and more of animals that don't often get featured on the main stage.

No other details about when the show will be released have been shared besides that it's coming in 2025.

Reynolds is also making a documentary about the late John Candy, a Canadian actor who starred in Uncle Buck, Planes, Trains & Automobiles, Cool Runnings and more.

He's working with Colin Hanks on the new project and all he revealed is that you should "expect tears."

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