Seth Rogen Has Some Dating Advice After He Cried Into Mac 'n' Cheese On A Date (VIDEO)

He also spoke about his mom's tweet about her sex life. 👀

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Seth Rogen Has Some Dating Advice After He Cried Into Mac 'n' Cheese On A Date (VIDEO)

Although he's happily married now, Seth Rogen has had some wild dating experiences, and he's not afraid to share them.

In a clip posted on Tuesday, February 15, the Canadian actor detailed a particularly bad experience on Jimmy Kimmel's show that made the host crack up.

"I was a bad dater," Rogen told Kimmel. "I had terrible experiences dating women, and I think the women who dated me also did not have the best experiences."

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He then went on to share an experience he had when he was about 20 years old with a woman he was casually seeing. During his birthday dinner, he decided to ask the woman to be his girlfriend over their appetizers... and she said no.

"And then I started crying," Rogen continued as the crowd groaned and Kimmel slapped the desk while laughing.

They had already ordered a full meal, including cake for dessert, so the two had to sit there as Rogen "wept into [his] truffle mac 'n' cheese."

"You don't ask till the end of the meal," Rogen said about asking big questions like that. "I was 20, I was so young."

Rogen also gave some insight into his hilarious reaction to his mom's sex tweet. The actor apparently has his mom on mute on the social media platform because he can't handle some of the things she shares.

In fact, the only reason he found out about his mom letting the world know that she's enjoying her sex life is because his sister sent him the post alongside the vomit emoji.

Given that Rogen was making his appearance on Kimmel's show to promote Pam & Tommy, the host couldn't help but relate the series to the actor's life.

"Is there any chance — I don't know if there's a safe back home — that your parents have ever made a sex tape?" Kimmel asked.

In response, all Rogen could do was say laugh and shake his head.

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