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ontario blizzard

Premier Doug Ford's tiny snow shovel has been a topic of conversation recently, and he revealed the true story behind it.

During the blizzard on January 17, Ford went out into the storm in his pickup truck to help people in his neighbourhood. He was picking up stranded drivers, offering rides home and even shovelling out stuck cars.

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If you live in Toronto, chances are you've had to shovel your driveway this week, and after so long without a heavy snowfall, you may have forgotten how exhausting it is.

A young Toronto boy named Carter Trozzolo managed to capture that exact feeling of cold regret while being interviewed by CTV News Toronto on Monday during the province's snowstorm.

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Read the latest updates on Ontario weather here.

Residents and emergency crews are doing their best to clear the aftermath of Monday's blizzard, but an incoming weather system in Ontario's weather forecast is threatening to undo that hard work.

According to The Weather Network (TWN), an incoming clipper storm will bring another barrage of widespread snow to the province on Wednesday, with regional impacts expected as early as Tuesday afternoon.

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Monday's winter storm seems to have brought out the best in people, from residents helping dig out their neighbour's driveways to children taking life-saving measures.

Eight-year-old Clayton was one of yesterday's heroes, and his actions helped to potentially save a life in his community.

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Ontario's snowstorm is hitting some spots hard, and transit routes and schools aren't the only things shutting down for the day.

Vaccine clinics across the province are closing their doors and keeping their workers and residents off the roads, so if you booked your first, second or booster dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, you might need to reschedule.

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