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The Best Sleep Products To Help Canadians Finally Get A Good Night's Rest

Hot sleeper? Sensitive to light? We have a solution to every problem!

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The Best Sleep Products To Help Canadians Finally Get A Good Night's Rest

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It can be so hard to catch some ZZZs these days with all the distractions around us. Maybe you stay up all night on your phone or your neighbours love to party until the wee hours.

We've recommended sleep-related products in the past like cooling blankets and pillows and these blue-light blocking glasses that'll help your eyes chill out. Now, we found 17 more products that'll help you fall asleep faster and get a better quality snooze.

OLLY Sleep Gummy Supplement

Amazon Canada

Price: $19.98

Details: Taking a supplement before bed can help your body relax and go into sleep mode. This one has three milligrams of melatonin (your brain's natural sleep hormone) and 10 milligrams of calming amino acid L-theanine to help you sleep faster and longer.


Clipper Organic Snore and Peace Chamomile Infusion Tea

Amazon Canada

Price: $6.32

Details: If supplements aren't your thing then this sleepytime tea might be more up your alley. The biodegradable bags are filled with a blend of chamomile, lemon balm, lemongrass, lavender, fennel seed, rosehip and spearmint.


Dreamegg White Noise Machine

Price: $49.99 ($69.99)

Details: You can fall asleep to the soothing noise of ocean waves or 28 other relaxing sounds with this timetable white noise machine. You can also get this version with a night light for $50.99.


LightDims Original Strength Light Dimming LED Covers

Price: $7.99

Details: If your room is filled with devices that have annoying little LED lights, you can use these dimming stickers to reduce the brightness. They're not completely opaque, so you can still see the status of your machines.


NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Grommet Blackout Curtains

Price: $36.98

Details: On the other hand, these blackout curtains can block outside light like street lamps or the sun. They're so good that they can even block out some UV rays, help regulate your room temperature and reduce outdoor noise.


Mavogel Cotton Sleep Eye Mask

Amazon Canada

Price: $12.73 ($14.99)

Details: You can also get this padded eye mask to block any unwanted light. Reviewers say that this comfy cotton mask is extremely effective and it even works with the curtains wide open.


Mack's Foam Earplugs

Price: $14.13

Details: If it's not the lights that are keeping you up at night, maybe it's the sounds? Between a snoring partner or late-night drivers outside, these earplugs have a really high noise-blocking level. You can also get these smaller ones for sensitive ears.


Perytong Bluetooth Sports Headband

Amazon Canada

Price: $27.99

Details: Another way to drown out the noise is with this headband that has built-in Bluetooth headphones. If you're like me and like falling asleep to a podcast or audiobook, then you might appreciate this comfy earphone alternative.


Headspace App

Price: $7.50+/month

Details: A great way to wind down before bed is with a guided meditation from Headspace's massive library. The app has a ton of exercises for sleep, anxiety and more. You can sign up for a free trial before you commit!


BBSKIN Mini USB Essential Oil Diffuser

Amazon Canada

Price: $35.92

Details: This little diffuser uses aromatherapy to help you relax and it won't take up too much space on your nightstand. Just fill it with water and a few drops of essential oil and it'll turn off automatically when it's empty.



Price: $399

Details: If you love data and want to invest in figuring out where your insomnia comes from, then this biometric ring will help you figure it out. It's water-resistant, has a week-long battery life and will track everything from your heart rate to your sleep cycle.

$399 On INDIGO

YnM Weighted Blanket

Amazon Canada

Price: $58.90 ($79.90)

Details: You don't need to spend a ton of money to enjoy the comforting benefits of a weighted blanket. This affordable one comes in weights from five to 25 pounds and in a bunch of different colours like lavender and light blue.


Hooga Night Light

Amazon Canada

Price: $19.99

Details: You can wake up to go to the bathroom without getting blinded (or walking around blindly) with this six-pack of dim amber night lights that are much kinder on the retinas. You can also pick up this clip light for $19.99 if you like to get a few minutes of reading in before bed.


The Bathologist Natural 100% Essential Oil Fizzy Bath Salt Trio

Price: $29.97

Details: There's nothing like a nice warm bath to help soak away all the tension in your body. The Bathologist is a small Canadian business that makes fizzy bath salts filled with aloe, vitamin E, and essential oils.


SIORO Satin Pajama Set

Amazon Canada

Price: $29.43

Details: These are my favourite PJs of all time and I'm definitely getting them in more colours ASAP. They're soft, light, and will keep you cool while still keeping you covered.


envello Raya Duvet Set

The Bay

Price: $238+

Details: This dreamy duvet cover is hand-loomed in Portugal with a 100% cotton chambray weave that'll keep you cool while you snooze. It comes with a duvet cover and two pillow shams (in blue or pink) in two bed sizes: full/queen or king.

$238+ On THE BAY

The Simba 2500 Mattress

Simba Sleep

Price: $999+

Details: If all else fails, you could invest in a new mattress — you spend YEARS of your life sleeping, after all! It's made in Canada and has layers of memory foam, cooling fabric, tiny springs and more great materials that your back will thank you for. You can pair it with their cooling memory foam fill pillow ($199) that I personally use and love.


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