The Government Is Auctioning Off A Bunch Of RCMP-Bred Horses & No, We're Not Joking

Good news for the resident cowboy in your life. 🤠

A close-up of one of the horses for sale. Right: Another RCMP horses for sale.

A close-up of one of the horses for sale. Right: Another RCMP horses for sale.

For anyone looking to get themselves a well-bred horse for any number of equine activities, this Government of Canada auction has you covered.

Starting on October 3 and ending on October 12, the government of Canada is going to be auctioning off 12 Hanoverian horses to the general public.

It's part of an 80-year program, and it's all going down on GCSurplus, the government's official surplus and forfeited items auction site.

The horses were bred for the RCMP's Musical Ride but didn't meet the minimum requirements for the strict 30-minute show, which features 32 formally-dressed RCMP riders and their horses performing intricate and disciplined drills set to music.

The 12 horses were bred by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Breeding Program, which claims to have produced some of "Canada's most beautiful horses."

They are said to be perfect "for dressage, show jumping and other equitation disciplines."

The program has its roots back in the late-1930s.

An early commissioner of the police force created a rule that they must only buy black horses because of the contrast with the red uniforms.

So, to fulfill this request, the RCMP began the breeding program in 1939, and it has been supplying them with horses since.

The horses will be posted on the site every 30 minutes, and the auction closing times may be extended if the bids are received at the last minute.

Those interested can also sign up for email notifications to be alerted when the auctions go live on the GCSurplus site.

However, be ready to fork over some serious cash because the RCMP sets high base prices and requires users to register in advance to attract serious buyers.

Proceeds from the sale of the horses go back to the Musical Ride breeding program, they've said.

If you're new to the government surplus world, all you need to do is make yourself an account on the site, and you'll be able to bid.

This isn't the first time the government has done this either. They have this auction roughly once every two years for their surplus horses.

And that's not all — they also seem to have a habit of auctioning off some of the wildest items you could imagine.

Tristan Wheeler
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