This Waterfront House For Sale In Nova Scotia Has Its Own Pub & Costs $190K (PHOTOS)

It's on stilts and has incredible views!

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This Waterfront House For Sale In Nova Scotia Has Its Own Pub & Costs $190K (PHOTOS)

Calling all quirky property lovers! This waterfront house for sale in Nova Scotia is perfect if you love history, amazing views and pouring a pint. Oh — and if you're a buyer on a budget.

Located in the village of Bear River, this house is one of the last ones in the community still standing on stilts.

Although this is cool enough on its own, the home also comes with an operational pub and restaurant right downstairs.

The Nova Scotia home comes with a pub.Paula Leslie | Engel & Völkers

This building, called the William Riorden Building, was originally built across the street around 1852 but was actually moved to its current location in 1903.

"This wonderful property is looking for an owner with sensitivity to its unique maintenance requirements as one of the last remaining buildings on stilts," reads the listing.

"The property's great location and view, along with position over the water, makes this arguably the most memorable building in the village."

It also sports a loft living space that has a gorgeous balcony overlooking the tidal river, as well as a bathroom and a kitchen.

Paula Leslie | Engel & Völkers

On the main floor, there's the restaurant/pub kitchen, a "coffee nook," a dining area and a front and back deck with outdoor seating and even more impressive scenery.

As the listing says, this is an ideal place for someone looking for a home that's "a little out of the ordinary."

Plus, that seriously affordable price tag is pretty hard to turn down, even despite the property's relative distance from a major city.

Paula Leslie | Engel & Völkers

When tiny condos in major cities cost upwards of $1 million, it's hard to resist a gem like this.

So, if a historic home on stilts with an amazing view and a place to grab a coffee or pint downstairs is your vibe, this might be your chance to shack up in a quaint, cozy and one-of-a-kind house.

Cozy waterfront cottage

Paula Leslie | Engel & Völkers

Price: $190,000

Address: Bear River, NS

Description: This could be the perfect opportunity for somebody looking for a property that's a little different.

For someone with a little vision, this 170-year-old house might just be the perfect place to have a pint on the patio and soak up the views.

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