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A TikToker Called Out The Big Ice Cube In Her $18 Cocktail & It Backfired On Her So Fast

"This was highway robbery!"

A TikToker touching the King cube in her rocks glass.

A TikToker touching the King cube in her rocks glass.

Global Staff Writer

If you’ve gone out for drinks recently, you know that dropping $18 on a cocktail that seems mostly made of ice is pretty standard.

However, that’s not how TikToker Mabel Martinez felt when her server dropped off her drink with a king ice cube in it, so she turned to social media and put the restaurant on blast.

"This restaurant expected me to pay $18 for a block of ice," wrote Martinez over top of her video.

"The waiter was super nice, and he ended up giving us a full glass," Martinez continued in her video caption. "But this was highway robbery! Not okay! Full review coming soon!"


The waiter was super nice and he ended up giving us a full glass. But this was highway robbery! Not okay! Full review coming soon! #nyc #nycrestaurantreviews #thingsthathappened

Martinez regularly reviews New York City restaurants on her TikTok but her cocktail review of Hidden Leaf didn't turn out the way she expected.

TikTok users absolutely dragged her in the comments, many refusing to give her any room for her big ice cube issue.

One commenter asked: "Damn… you never been out before, huh?"

"Tell us its your 21st birthday without telling us its your 21st birthday," said a second person.

"Sweetie, you’re paying for the 1.5 oz of liquor," wrote another.

"Yes, that’s how a cocktail is made," added yet another critic.


Most of the comments called Martinez out for not knowing the basics of how a cocktail is made, which includes putting a big ice cube in the glass to fill it up and keep the liquid cold while preventing too quick of a dilution.

"Comment section isn’t going the way you thought it would," reads one comment.

One helpful person explained that "you get the same amount of alcohol regardless of the ice" and that other drinks have extra ingredients, making them look fuller.

"I feel like every month; people are discovering cocktails are only 1.5 or 2oz of liquor. The norm across the industry," wrote another comment.

So, next time your drink comes with a giant ice cube in it, just remember: you're getting the alcohol you paid for, and the ice is just the cherry on top!

Narcity does not condone the overconsumption of alcohol. If you're going to drink alcohol, please do so responsibly and only if you're of legal age.

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