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Ontario lottery winner Jefferery Gurczenski

Ontario lottery winner Jefferery Gurczenski

If you've been playing the Ontario lotto for years but haven't won squat, you've probably wondered once or twice where all the luck has gone. Answer? Some dude living in the GTA.

According to OLG, Mississauga local Jeffrey Gurczenski won a jackpot worth $92,131.50 after taking a crack at the Poker Lotto All In on August 26, 2022.

The retiree also managed to win $5,000 during the instant portion of his play, which brought his total winnings up to $97,131.50.

And those are just his most recent wins. Gurczenski revealed while collecting his winnings at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto that he'd won two $10,000 prizes in the past decade by playing Wheel Of Fortune.

Yet, somehow he still managed to be caught off guard by his latest round of good fortune.

"I've been a regular lottery player for ten years. When I discovered my win, I was in pure shock!" he gushed.

You'd think he would be used to it by now, but maybe every time you win the lottery is like the first time?

Gurczenski even recounted how his heart started racing when he realized he'd won again.

"And my hands started to shake. I feel lucky and happy," the Ontario lottery winner said.

As for what he plans to do with his latest winning? The walking four-leaf clover says he'll invest his winnings.

He probably got all his frivolous spending out during his first two lotto winners. Now he's settling into his more mature winner phase.

The winning ticket was purchased at Quick Smoke & Variety on Dixie Road in Mississauga.

    Patrick John Gilson
    Toronto Staff Writer
    Patrick John Gilson is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada’s Ontario Desk focused on Ontario gas prices and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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