An Ontario Beach Has Real Palm Trees & It Will Transport You To A Tropical Island

You'll think you're in Florida.🏝

Tropical palm trees outside of The Beach House restaurant in Port Dover.
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Tropical palm trees outside of The Beach House restaurant in Port Dover.

You can spend summer days relaxing on a tropical beach, and you don't need to leave the province. Ontario's Port Dover beach is a stunning shore and lively beach town where you can relax in the sand under an actual palm tree.

Narcity spoke with one of the co-owners of the Beach House restaurant, who shared that they bring palm trees up straight from Florida each year, and this season they will have six massive tropical trees by their beachfront patio at the end of May to complete the vacation vibes.

The Miami atmosphere is real thanks to these towering trees. The Knechtel Family started bringing the palm trees north about 10 years ago through a local landscaping company. Their goal of bringing in more visitors was achieved, and these stunning additions to the beachfront became a popular draw each year.

Everyone is a fan of the palm trees, from beach visitors to soaring sparrows, according to the co-owner, so the Beach House crew doesn't see how they can stop bringing them up each summer.

Port Dover is a charming beach town where you can enjoy theatre, wine tours and watersports in addition to the sandy beach. You can even spot a lighthouse from the beach shore where you can take a stroll or go fishing off of the pier.

You can also catch amazing views from the restaurant patio as you're surrounded by tropical palm trees. Dining at this beachfront patio is one of the ways you can get up close to these tropical plants and is where you can also enjoy some cocktails and coastal cuisine.

Port Dover Beach 

Price: Free

When: Beach is now open, and palm trees are set to arrive near the end of May.

Address: Port Dover, ON

Why You Need To Go: You'll really think you've escaped to the tropics in this fun beach town with sandy shores, beach bars and actual palm trees.


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