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Canadian Sniper Reportedly Says Fighting In Ukraine Is Like 'Fighting In Downtown Toronto'

The solider was rumoured to be dead but he's reportedly still alive.

Toronto Staff Writer
Damaged building in Ukraine. Right: Aerial shot of Kyiv in Ukraine.

Damaged building in Ukraine. Right: Aerial shot of Kyiv in Ukraine.

Canadian sniper "Wali" has reportedly resurfaced after going into "black-out mode" while fighting in Ukraine and rumours of his death spread online.

"I was the last person to learn the news that I was dead," Wali told Global News on March 22.

Wali is infamous for being rumoured to have taken the "world's longest sniper shot in Iraq," which he and special operation forces sources deny being true, according to Global News.

Rumours of the sniper's death began circulating last week, but Wali says he thinks "it's just trolling" and "propaganda" from Russia.

"I don't understand why they push such lies. It's pretty obvious because after a few days I'm popping out and telling everyone I'm alive."

Wali is reportedly fighting alongside the Ukrainian Armed Forces and says he's been fighting in the Kyiv region for the past week and while he is "well-fed, rested and all good," he's still had a few close instances. One of which he was "engaged by a tank" that was shooting up the room next to him.

"This war is like playing chess without knowing what the other pawns are. You know a bit but not enough."

Wali is no stranger to war zones, but he says fighting in Kyiv is different than most combat zones he's fought in.

"It's like fighting in downtown Toronto."

"It's not like everything collapsed, there's still internet. Most combat zones have no electricity and no water and it's chaos. If you go in the centre [in Kyiv], it's alright. In one of the patrols I was in an amazing condo — you could have the same one in Toronto. There was an espresso machine," he told Global News.

Wali says countries looking to help Ukraine should send over updated weaponry for troops.

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