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Ford Says He Will Drive Down To The US Himself To Pick Up More Pfizer Vaccines

"They're holding them for just the Americans."

It seems like Doug Ford will stop at nothing to get his hands on more COVID-19 vaccines.

In an interview with AM 800 in Windsor this Friday, Ford stated that he would even drive down to the United States to get them himself.  

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I'll drive down there. I've been through Kalamazoo 100 times and, and we'll pick them up. Doug Ford 

Despite the willingness to hop into an ultra-cold refrigerated truck, the premier claims that his offer was turned down by Pfizer. 

On top of this, Ford claims that the vaccines being made in Kalamazoo won't fulfill Canadian orders. 

"They're holding them for just the Americans," he said.

Ford also echoed the same words on Thursday, stating that "it’s absolutely critical that Pfizer steps up to the plate and not leave us behind, which they have."

The move comes after it was announced that Canada's Pfizer vaccine doses were delayed due to an upgrade in their production facility

Pfizer has stated to Narcity in the past that the "disruption" is "a short-term situation."

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