Ford's Daughter Shaved His Luscious Locks Off With Dog Clippers & It's Honestly Not Awful

"I just sat in the chair and said, 'Honey, go to town'," admitted Ford.
Doug Ford's Haircut Was Done With Dog Clippers By His Daughter

This week, Premier Doug Ford attended his press briefings sporting a new haircut. 

This prompted questions, with hair salons closed, on how his new hairdo came to be. On Tuesday, the premier revealed that one of his daughters who currently lives at his home did it for him — with dog clippers.

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"I looked like a sheepdog, so we literally got some dog clippers [...] and my daughter, who lives at home and has never cut anyone's hair in her life, [did it]," said Ford.

"I just sat in the chair and said, 'Honey, go to town'," he continued, admitting that half his head was accidentally shaved in the process.

Ford added that his "heart breaks" for the barbers, hair salons, and other personal service settings currently facing some of the longest closures of any industry in Toronto.