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A Toronto Driver Got 28 Tickets In 10 Days & The Latest Is Ridiculous (PHOTO)

Heads up, Torontonians: licence plates aren't made of paper.

If you've ever felt guilty about getting two or three driving tickets in Toronto in a short amount of time, just know that it can always be worse.

Toronto Police arrested and charged a driver on Thursday, April 1, after 10 days of run-ins with the cops that resulted in an incredible 28 tickets.

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According to DC Scott Matthews, the driver was arrested following a small collision and charged with Impaired Driving by Drug. Five of the 28 charges were for having no insurance, and we can only assume the other 23 had something to do with unconvincing licence plates.

The driver's latest licence plate — his previous ones were seized, Matthews said — was actually made of paper and glued onto the metal bracket.

In the driver's defence, it's not the worst fake licence plate out there — that honour belongs to some of the hand-drawn plates found in the wild.

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