Durham Police Revealed The 'Most Ridiculous' 911 Calls & 1 Person Really Wanted Taco Bell

It's almost like a PSA on how not to call the police.

Durham Police Revealed The 'Most Ridiculous' 911 Calls & 1 Person Really Wanted Taco Bell
Toronto Associate Editor

Some people in Ontario apparently still don't know when it's appropriate to call 911 for an emergency. Durham Regional Police revealed some of the most ridiculous calls they got in 2021, and it looks like some Ontarians might need a crash course on what exactly an emergency is.

In a news release posted on December 31, Durham Regional Police dropped some of the most absurd non-emergency calls they heard last year, and many people just wanted to call to complain about something.

Evidently, an Uber driver was so fed up with waiting for a customer that they dialled 911 because they hadn't shown up at their vehicle after ten minutes.

Rational thinking also apparently goes out the window when people are seriously hangry.

For example, one person wanted Taco Bell so badly that they called 911 to complain that the drive-thru line was just too long for their liking. Another was upset after a pizza joint gave them the wrong pizza, and wanted cops to place charges after they apparently refused to make them a new pie.

Some parents wanted some revenge on their kids, too.

According to police, one parent called to see if officers would come over to "scare" their 12-year-old son who was mouthing off to them. Meanwhile, another wanted police dispatched so they could force their 9-year-old son to give them the new Wi-Fi password after he changed it and refused to give them the updated password.

Other Ontarians rang up the police for some unconventional advice.

One caller dialled 911 while at a parking garage gate because it apparently ate up their money and they could no longer leave the exit. Another needed help finding their COVID-19 test results, while one Ontarian needed help looking for their Wi-Fi password. Someone even called 911 to ask for the non-emergency police number. Sheesh.

One Ontarian simply wasn't pleased with the police, either.

A caller's kitchen flooded, and officers advised them to ring up their insurance company and a plumber. But, the caller didn't find that answer to their liking, so they hung up, dialled 911 again, and complained about the flooded kitchen again.

Then there were the classic prank calls, like some kids calling up the police to ask if their refrigerator was running. As if.

Durham Regional Police put out the call list in order to spread some awareness of the misuse of dialling 911.

"Misuse of 911 can potentially delay someone with a life-threatening emergency from getting help. Before dialing 911 please remember that is for police, medical or fire emergencies, meaning there is an immediate threat to someone's health, safety or property," police said in the release.

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Alex Arsenych
Toronto Associate Editor