Four Toronto Schools Declared COVID-19 Outbreaks On The Same Day

One of them has shutdown.

Toronto Staff Writer
Four Toronto Schools Declared COVID-19 Outbreaks On The Same Day

A Toronto school has been dismissed this week following an outbreak of active COVID-19 cases.

Yesterday, the Toronto Catholic District School Board reported that Transfiguration of Our Lord Catholic School had been temporarily dismissed as of December 3 as a precautionary measure due to "an ongoing COVID-19 investigation."

"We're working closely with [Toronto Public Health] and will keep the community informed on the date of return," the school board wrote in a tweet.

The board's website reveals that there are currently 10 active cases of the virus affecting the school, with the majority being among students.

Toronto Public Health (TPH) announced on Thursday evening that it had launched an investigation into the matter and would work to determine when in-person learning can resume.

"We are recommending a whole school dismissal as a precautionary measure to protect staff, students and the community from further COVID-19 transmission within the school," TPH said in a tweet.

"We thank residents and our school communities for doing their part to keep each other safe," it added.

TPH also declared outbreaks at Ellesmere-Statton Public School, Shaughnessy Public School, and Wilkinson Junior Public School. However, so far, none of them have been closed.

It's worth noting that outbreaks are declared when the affected school has upwards of two confirmed COVID-19 cases.

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