Courtesy of Netflix, @thejunemotel | Instagram

Motel Makeover is coming to Netflix on Aug. 25 and will showcase how The June Motel in Sauble Beach was transformed from a shabby roadside stop to one of Ontario's hottest destinations.

The June Motel was founded by two best friends, April Brown and Sarah Sklash, in 2016 after the pair quit their day jobs in Toronto to chase their "millennial dream."

Little did they know their dream would also come with a Netflix show. The six-episode series will cover how the pair managed to create a trendy oasis while running out of time and money.

"We hope that watching us navigate the craziest year of our lives inspires you to take your own risks, dream even bigger and always remember to enjoy the ride," the pair said in a press release.

The show will take viewers behind the scenes of what building a motel empire with your BFF really looks like — with all the ups and downs that come with it.

The June Motel has two boutique locations in Prince Edward County and Sauble Beach, and while both are currently booked solid until September, you can always book a staycation for the fall!