Niagara Falls Nearly Froze Over After The Storm & The Photos Look Like A Winter Wonderland

What a sight! ❄️

Niagara Falls frozen.
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Niagara Falls frozen.

A severe cold snap in Ontario has turned Niagara Falls into a winter wonderland and the photos surfacing online are here to prove it.

With all the snow and spine-chilling temperatures that Ontario has been receiving, it's no wonder the iconic falls became half-frozen with sheets of ice and frosty mists.

Over the past few days, the Buffalo area, not far from the falls, was hit by a deadly blizzard and gained nearly four feet of snow, according to AccuWeather.

Even though the falls might look largely frozen, it is nearly impossible for the entire Canadian landmark to actually freeze, according to Niagara Parks.

When temperatures are below freezing, a crust of ice can form over the water and make it look like the falls have frozen still, although, the water will still continue to flow under the ice, the website adds.

According to Niagara Parks, when ice travels over the falls, it can form a giant mass at the bottom and create an "ice bridge." The ice bridge creates something that looks like a glacier and can grow to the equivalent of ten storeys.

The effects of the recent frigid temperatures and winter storm left more than a few jaw-dropping scenes throughout Ontario. Before Christmas, the falls had actually turned a strange chocolate brown colour due to the debris being washed down the river.

Homes in Crystal Beach, Ontario, just 26 kilometres away, became totally crystallized in ice in an almost unbelievable sight.

sending good vibes to my fellow crystal beachers 🥹🫶🏻 #snowstorm2022 #niagara #crystalbeach

These natural phenomena are definitely a sight to behold.

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