Northern Ontario's First Snow Looks Like A Winter Wonderland Right Now (PHOTOS)

The fresh snow on the trees looks like a postcard! ☃️
Northern Ontario's Snow Looks Like A Winter Wonderland Right Now (PHOTOS)

Winter is coming. In fact, it's pretty much already here. The days are getting colder, the clocks turn back an hour this weekend, and northern Ontario already has snow! 

Timmins and Cochrane are already covered in a layer of snow and the photos are stunning.

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If you've been pining for the first day of snowfall, look no further! You can live vicariously through these photos. 

[rebelmouse-image 25999423 photo_credit="northern.robin | Instagram" expand=1 original_size="828x1186"] northern.robin | Instagram

In Timmins, residents woke up to a fresh layer of snow yesterday.

They couldn't help but snap some shots of the winter wonderland.

Some even took their furry friends out to enjoy the snowfall!

And not just dogs, either!

Everyone came together to frolic in the snow and get that first taste of winter.

This aerial shot shows just how beautiful Timmins looked with a layer of fresh snow.

It may not be long until southern Ontario gets its first snowstorm, and these photos certainly give us a taste of the beauty that's to come.