3 Ontario Companies With A 4-Day Work Week That Are Hiring Right Now

What would you do with an extra day off? 👇

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Person typing on laptop. Right: Toronto skyline.

Person typing on laptop. Right: Toronto skyline.

Could you imagine having an extra day off every single week?

Maybe you'd become the type of person who takes road trips every weekend — or you'd just find a better work-life balance and be more productive at your job.

The phenomenon of the four-day work week has swept across the world and country, and Ontario is no exception — many companies and even townships are jumping on board in an effort to increase employee wellness.

And it's not just the employees who are seeing the benefits.

The recruitment company The Leadership Agency told Narcity they've seen a 200% increase in productivity and a 150% increase in revenue since switching to a 4-day work week

What is the four-day work week?

The four-day work strays from the traditional model of eight hours of work five days a week and consolidates the same amount of productivity into four work days.

Some companies opt to increase work hours, like the Zorra Township in Ontario, whose employees work 35-hour weeks – just in four days instead of five.

Other companies like PRAXIS still work the same daily hours as before starting their six-month trial for a four-day work week, just with one day less.

What companies offer a four-day work week in Ontario?

Plenty of companies now offer a four-day work week in Ontario, including the Juno College of Technology, formerly known as HackerYou, The Leadership Agency, PRAXIS, Situra, Zorra Township and more.

If you've been feeling burnt out working five days a week and are looking for a change, here are some Ontario-based companies who offer a four-day week that are hiring right now:


Sector: Public Relations

Job Location: Remote work environment.

Open roles: Praxis is hiring a bilingual community manager, so if you speak English and French and have some great social media skills, you may want to apply for this role.

Apply here

Juno College Of Technology

Sector: Coding school

Job location: Toronto/Remote work

Open roles: Juno is currently hiring nine positions across several departments, including operations and finance, programming, and outcomes — so whether you're looking to become a career success specialist or a part-time mentor, there are plenty of opportunities.

Apply here

The Leadership Agency

Sector: Recruitment

Job location: Toronto/Ottawa

Open roles: This agency is hiring for over 15 positions in Ontario, with roles based out of Toronto and Ottawa — although if you happen to be located outside either city, there are plenty of roles listed as "100% work from home" or "remote first."

Apply here

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Toronto Staff Writer
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