Ontario Gas Prices Set To Drop To Their Lowest Since January & These Will Be The Cheapest Spots

Tomorrow could be your chance to finally get a full tank!

Toronto Staff Writer
An Esso gas station

An Esso gas station

Drivers could be in for some serious savings this hump day, as Ontario gas prices could drop to their lowest in months.

According to gas analyst Dan McTeague, most of the province's gas stations will see their pumps drop by 4 cents on Wednesday, November 30, bringing prices to their lowest since January 12, 2022.

As a result, cities such as Toronto, Ottawa, Waterloo and Windsor could offer their motorists averages of 142.9 cents per litre at their stations.

The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) has Ontario's average slated at 146.7 cents per litre on Tuesday, November 29, 2022, representing a significant drop off from the 173.6 cents per litre it recorded a month ago.

It's also worth noting that the federation already has several cities listed at rates lower than 149.9 cents per litre, including Brantford, 138.8, Welland, 140.6, and St. Catharines, 142.3.

Gas Wizard predicts that the province's most expensive place for gas on Wednesday will be Sudbury at 151.9 cents per litre. The cheapest will be Peterborough at 137.9 cents per litre.

Are gas prices going down in Ontario?

According to both Gas Wizard and CAA, gas prices are on a downward trend, with some places reaching the lowest rates they've seen at the pumps since earlier last year.

Still, the province will need to shave at least ten more cents off its pumps before it can beat out last year's cheapest average of 132.4 cents per litre.

But, given that the price of gas often fluctuates in the other direction at a day's notice, drivers will want to fuel up when the going is good.

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Patrick John Gilson
Toronto Staff Writer
Patrick John Gilson is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada’s Ontario Desk focused on Ontario gas prices and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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