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Calling Ontario Homeowners, You Can Get A Free Smart Thermostat & Here's How To Qualify

Plus, you'll be saving some energy, too!

Toronto Associate Editor
Calling Ontario Homeowners, You Can Get A Free Smart Thermostat & Here's How To Qualify

If you own a home in Ontario, you could very well qualify for some free winterproofing of your home that could cut some costs off your next heating bill.

As of October 1, the Ontario Energy Board increased the natural gas rates Ontarians would have to pay. This has, of course, impacted how much they'd have to shell out for heating their homes.

"A typical residential customer who buys natural gas from the utility will see an annual increase in their natural gas bills ranging from 6-8 percent (equivalent to an increase [of] $57 to about $81 a year) depending on location," Andrea Stass, the manager of external communications and media relations at Enbridge Gas told Narcity via email on October 7.

But there are some ways where you can save money this coming winter season. With Enbridge's Home Winterproofing Program, you can score a free smart thermostat that will automatically adjust so you don't waste energy, insulation for your home to get rid of those drafts, and draft proofing so the toasty air in your home doesn't seep through any cracks.

You're eligible if you have an Enbridge Gas account under your name, and if your home is heated by a natural gas furnace or boiler.

Your eligibility also depends on your household income level, the number of people in the house, and whether or not you receive any assistance from a government program.

In order to apply, you must meet the following household income level criteria (before tax):

  • One person = $36,578
  • Two people = $51,729
  • Three people = $63,354
  • Four people = $73,157
  • Five people = $81,791
  • Six people = $89,598
  • Seven or more = $96,775
You can see if you qualify on their website. If you do, they will schedule a few visits in order to assess your home and install the energy-saving products, and they will never come unannounced.

"Enbridge does not undertake door-to-door sales, homeowners must apply directly with Enbridge Gas to participate in the program," Leanne McNaughton, the senior communications advisor of Enbridge Gas told Narcity via email on October 20.

These authorized delivery agents are EnviroCentre in Ottawa, The Home Inspectors Group in Peel, Simcoe Region, Windsor, Waterloo Region, Cambridge, Hamilton and Halton Regions, Windfall Centre in Durham, Peterborough and York Regions, Green Venture in Niagara, and GreenSaver in Toronto and the rest.

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