Ontario Proposes New Law Where Bosses Have To Tell Workers If They're Being Tracked Online

It'd be the first law of its kind in Canada if it is passed.

Ontario Proposes New Law Where Bosses Have To Tell Workers If They're Being Tracked Online
Toronto Associate Editor

The Ontario government is proposing a new law that would require employers to tell workers if they are being tracked electronically.

If this proposed law passes, it will require companies to tell their workers if and how they are being electronically monitored, and would apply to employees working at the workplace, in the field, or from home.

"Any employer with 25 or more employees will have to have a policy in place," Labour Minister Monte McNaughton said in a February 24 press conference.

This new requirement, if passed, will force employers to disclose how employees' use of things like computers, cell phones or GPS systems is tracked.

"The future of work is changing, which is why our government is leading the country to ensure workers remain in the driver's seat," McNaughton said in a press release.

There have been a number of new policies proposed and introduced by the Ontario government in an effort to make life easier for workers.

For example, the province passed the Working for Workers Act in November, which includes right-to-disconnect legislation, meaning many employees would no longer have to answer after-work phone calls.

Minimum wage workers and liquor servers also saw a pay raise to $15 an hour at the start of 2022.

Earlier this month, Ontario announced it was working on creating a comprehensive benefits package for workers who don't have access to one, which would include dental, vision, and health care.

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Alex Arsenych
Toronto Associate Editor