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Ontario Students Will Be Getting More Real Work-Life Experience This Year

Empty resume? Never heard of her.

Toronto Staff Writer
Ontario Students Will Be Getting More Real Work-Life Experience This Year

Did you graduate school with a blank resume and no idea what you wanted to do? Children currently enrolled in Ontario schools may not have the same problem.

Ontario's Ministry Of Education released a five-part plan to get students back on track after facing educational setbacks from the COVID-19 pandemic, and getting kids ready for possible jobs is a big part of it.

"As part of its plan to prepare students for in-demand jobs, the government is investing more than $8 million in the 2022-23 school year," according to a press release.

This funding will allow for new entrepreneurship education pilot programs where the school board will work with third-party organizations to give students opportunities to learn new skills along with various other programs.

Ontario will be able to "pilot experiential learning programs that support students to gain important job and life skills outside of the classroom," and increase access to Dual Credit programs, which will help allow students to become involved in trades.

The Ministry Of Education will also respond to suggestions from Apprenticeship Youth Advisors and create "online modules on skills needed to succeed in the skilled trades."

Guidance counsellors will also be given the training to help students "navigate and access the required training" for those careers.

As part of the five-part plan, Ontario will also focus on developing numeracy and literacy skills, cultivating stronger well-being and mental health culture, offering more resources for tutoring, and assessing where students are academically, coming out of the pandemic.

    Brooke Houghton
    Toronto Staff Writer
    Brooke Houghton is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada's Ontario Desk focused on celebrity news and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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